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GOLD High Protein Shot 12x120ml Fitness Authority

GOLD High Protein Shot 12x120ml Fitness Authority

GOLD High Protein Shot 12x120ml Fitness Authority

Cena: 459
Jednotková cena: 31.88 Kč / 100ml
DPH: 15%, Cena bez DPH: 399 Kč
Dostupnost: Zboží je nedostupné

  • 25g proteinu v každé dávce
  • podpora růstu a udržování svalové hmoty
  • žádný cukr, žádný tuk

GOLD HIGH PROTEIN SHOT is a protein shot based on 3 hydrolyzed proteins originating from:


  • Hydrolysed beef protein isolate
  • Hydrolysed PeptoPro® casein and
  • Optipep®hydrolysed with whey protein isolate



The GOLD HIGH PROTEIN SHOT formula has been designed to deliver the highest amount of protein in a concentrated form. This product is designed for rapid absorption when the body needs it the most, therefore, hydrolyzed protein has been used. Hydrolyzed protein does not have a complex protein structure that the body must digest before absorption. It has readily available di- and tripeptides, that do not require "splitting" in order to be assimilated.


Hydrolysed beef protein isolate is a highly-concentrated protein which delivers 97 g of protein per 100 g of beef isolate. To deliver such a high concentration of protein the product production process removes: fat, fibre, and cholesterol, leaving an isolated protein in one of its purest forms  

Optipep® a primarily enzymatically digested whey protein in the form of di and tripeptides containing protein in the amount of 90 g per 100 g.  The hydrolysis process of whey isolate takes place as the primary digestion of the isolated protein which does not require any further “fragmenting” into free amino acids by our body, in order to absorb them.  Due to this fact, that fraction remains in the small intestine for a very short time, absorbing immediately. It minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction after consuming WPH.Optipep® together with the whey isolate show the highest absorbability of all protein fractions available on the market. 

PeptoPro® is a patented form of the hydrolyzed casein from milk.  Presently, it is one of the most recent protein fractions on the supplements market, characterized by a very high quality, quick absorption and by an aminogram typical for casein.  PeptoPro® is a patented and proprietary formula in which enzymes have been used which allowed to clear the product of the sour taste characteristic for hydrolyzed products. This allows to produce proteins with a better taste. Additionally, by means of the enzymatic hydrolysis a product has been obtained which has a very high level of hydrolysis, which contains di and tripeptides, and moreover, which is short of lactose and fats and is, at the same time, very well soluble even in cold water. Di and tripeptides, due to their low molecular structure, can be absorbed quickly and delivered directly to the working muscles already a few minutes after consumption. As far as the absorption time is concerned, the whey isolate and hydrolysate have a boosting effect thus offering a quite different amino acid balance.


The GOLD HIGH PROTEIN SHOT provides 25 grams of protein that contains no sugar or fat. Because the protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, protein consumption is particularly important in the diet for individuals who want to build lean muscle tissue. GOLD HIGH PROTEIN SHOT is the perfect choice for both: physically active people and professional athletes to use before and during training. Available in great flavours and convenient shot form.